Transporte y Descarga de tres transformadores desde Puerto de Palua hasta Siderúrgica Nacional Abre

CLIENT: Andrade Gutierrez · DATE: 12/16/2015

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R&L Transport C.A. · We are committed to a culture of "strict compliance" with safety standards and environmental conservation. We seek to equip all our employees through programs and systems with all the tools necessary to build, review, revise and document existing risks site operations.

Employees are our most valuable asset. Ensure security goes beyond the implementation and enforcement of regulations, policies, procedures and safety audits and our commitment to safety does not end with our employees. It also includes the safety of all others who may be involved directly or indirectly in any of our operations.

Safety, health and protection of the environment are our priority, our organization goes far beyond mere market values, it is fundamental for us before any commercial and operational procedure, having as prior to the implementation of these three fundamental values.

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R & L Transport C.A.It is a company that aims to the leadership in service and logistics of heavy cargo, with firm conviction to provide a quality service according to the needs and demands of the client, entering the market as a strong and modern organization that promotes ethic work, based on trust services, quality assurance for our customers, suppliers, employees and the community in general.

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